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Introducing ALM Octane 16.1.200—Everything You Need to Know

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We are pleased to announce the latest release of ALM Octane!

ALM Octane 16.1.200 enhances the usability, visibility, and quality of your work across DevOps pipelines. This release includes new features and enhancements to boost productivity, cut complexity, and improve speed-to-value.

But don’t take our word for it. Keep reading to find out what’s new in this release.

Value Stream Management

Associate Epics with ValueEdge Strategy Portfolios*

Synchronize product entities between ValueEdge Strategy and ValueEdge Agile for full digital value stream mapping.

New Metrics*

Track metrics per product, portfolio, and value stream.

* Available exclusively in ValueEdge. ALM Octane Enterprise SaaS customers are part of the ValueEdge platform. For more details, learn about ValueEdge and get started today!

Reporting and Analytics

Ratio in Dashboard Widgets

Put your data to work by displaying the ratio between sets of values in a summary widget.

Show Widget Bar Values

Choose whether to show widget bar values instead of hovering over them for faster data insights.

UX Enhancements

Adjust Timeline Width

Extend or minimize the width of your timeline view for better ease of use.

Slim Grid View

Refine your display using the new Slim Grid View for less vertical space between entities.

Quality and Integrations

GitHub Actions Support

Incorporate pipeline status and test run results into your application delivery process from GitHub Actions CI.

Granular Run Results

Run BDD tests per scenario and example with a data set row for granular run results. (Tech preview)

Pipelines Grid View

Easily filter and group large numbers of CI pipelines for centralized management.

Enterprise Readiness and Administration

Data Access Control for Automated Tests

Restrict data access to automated tests and all underlying entities, allowing you to protect highly sensitive test data from prying eyes.

New Role to Manage Shared Items

Use new Shared Entities Manager role to manage shared items—shared epics, releases, and milestones.

External Actions Enhancements

Define an external action more easily by uploading a .zip bundle with a pre-configured JSON file.

Release Processes

Timeline Milestone Indicators

Analyze milestones from your release process timeline, giving you increased visibility into process flows.

Release Process Templates

Save time by reusing elements in your next release process with our new release process templates.

Learn More

For the complete list of new features, please see What's New in ALM Octane 16.1.200.

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