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Introducing LoadRunner Developer

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With our latest 2020 releases, many fantastic and innovative capabilities were made available in LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Cloud. One of the most exciting pieces of news is LoadRunner Developer – which is now GA’ed  and available to everyone interested in doing performance testing from their IDE!

LoadRunner Developer (LRD) was in tech preview for several months. Multiple customers from different industries helped us design, develop and confirm the use cases we are aiming to meet. We are still actively pursuing feedback from early adopters of this solution, that it will help us to enhance it. However, since  December 2019, LoadRunner Developer is live and ready to conquer the world as key member of the LoadRunner family!

LoadRunner Developer was created with developers in mind and with the intention to offer a new solution that will support and help our customers to shift-left by starting performance testing earlier in the software development cycle.  By leveraging LRD, developers will be able to script, model scenarios, run tests and quickly analyze the results; without leaving their usual developer ecosystem.

LoadRunner Developer is a modern, lightweight, cross-platform solution ideal for web testing that integrates seamlessly into any IDE and CI tool. It is simple, easy to install, and easy to use. It provides an intuitive SDK in JavaScript which makes the adoption and learning very smooth.


There is no license required to use LoadRunner Developer and it offers the possibility to scale up to 50 VUs leveraging local resources, ideal for quick execution and analysis. Results are provided either as raw data of all measurements in an SQ Lite DB file format or you have the ability to stream all of the measurements to Influx DB and use Grafana to create dashboards based on that data.


LoadRunner Developer integrates with and is part of the LoadRunner Family*, and all the assets created using LRD can be leveraged in LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Cloud, enabling collaboration between the teams and to take advantage of the other benefits provided by our performance solutions such as advanced scheduling, simulation of real world scenarios, superior execution, network emulation from different geographic locations, higher and detailed analytics that will help to isolate and identify performance issues before release.

To learn more about team collaboration and how LoadRunner Developer contributes to it, watch this webinar , where we explore how LoadRunner Developer makes collaboration easier and more efficient between developers and performance engineers.

Get started with LoadRunner Developer today! Leave me your comments and questions below.

*When executing in the LoadRunner family a Web license is required. LoadRunner Developer is included as part of the LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Enterprise Community License.