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Introducing LoadRunner Professional CE 24.1!

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Greetings from the LoadRunner Product Management Team!

It is with great pleasure that today we release version 24.1 for the LoadRunner family. Our team has once again delivered a superb release with many exciting new features and lots of customer driven enhancements, we love your feedback! To give a brief overview of these:

We are super excited to announce that we have created our first Bi-directional data feed monitor. Traditionally the LoadRunner APM monitors have just been consumers but now we have changed! We have introduced the capability to write data the other direction – right into your SRE platform.  Starting in 24.1 we have released a DataDog APM monitor where we write Load Test data back into the observability platform.  We send workload details, the transaction timings and we can even send logs and other metrics.  This new set of features will allow for faster root cause analysis and will increase the visibility of performance tests within an organization.

Go check out the new integrations on the Datadog integration platform.

In previous versions we introduced the Azure Key Vault and on version 24.1 we have incorporated our customers requests around incorporating additional security vendors and have now introduced CyberArk Vault support.  This integration point introduces new APIs to allow LoadRunner to connect to CyberArk vault and securely retrieve sensitive data whilst obfuscating this within the script. This is a great security enhancement and allows our customers to satisfy any security and audit compliance.

As we continue our modernization journey, we are pleased to announce a nice revamp to the online charting capabilities. In this release we have added new features allowing users to set the scale for multiple measurements at once. We’ve also added some additional measurements to the summary reports. Like much of the content in this release, this particular enhancement was triggered by customer enhancement requests which we have successfully implemented. We love to partner with our customers to enhance our product and help them to achieve their performance and business goals. The new capabilities will allow easier reporting, additional filtering, and much more.

On our leading scripting solution, VuGen, we are happy to announce several new enhancements.  Not only have we updated our browser support, but we have also extended our existing protocol coverage to allow us to introduce updates to Web, DevWeb, Citrix, .Net+ and Cloud for AWS protocols.  We have also released a new no code/low code script generator tool that helps create and update Cloud for AWS scripts.  To see the entire list of protocol updates, please visit our online help center.

In line with the modernization journey, we have introduced a new design script button in VuGen to open the generator. Take a look below and try it yourself in the new version! Let us know your feedback.

Version 24.1 introduces a new chrome recording extension engine.

This will allow our users to use their chrome extension to record web traffic. It will then convert this traffic to a HAR file and generate a script from this (see the flow above).

This allows us to deliver a 3rd recording mode which expands upon the other two modes of Hook and Proxy mode recording. The main benefit of this feature is that it will allow our customers to record in a secure environment which might have been locked down or required elevated privileges to use VuGen recording.  The new recording mode offers support for Transactions, Rendezvous , and Comments whilst in record mode.  This capability is the start of a framework that we plan to expand in future releases. Stay tuned for more exciting features in the coming releases and as usual, we appreciate your feedback and hep to enhance this capability.

To close this blog, we would like to announce some key infrastructure updates that allows LoadRunner to run on full updated and modern platforms.  In this release we have added support for RHEL 9, released a new docker image and also certified on Windows 11 22H2 and Win 11 23H2 operating system.

For the full release overview please visit our help center.

Please download, install and use the new features and let us know what you think! We would also encourage you to visit the Idea Exchange and vote for the new features you would like to see in the next release. If you would like to request a new feature, then please log it and have the community vote for your feature.

Enjoy the 24.1 release! 

All the best,
David the LoadRunner Team!


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