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Kickstart 2024 with LoadRunner Cloud CE 24.1

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The OpenText Performance Engineering team is excited to announce the availability of LoadRunner Cloud CE 24.1, the newest version of our cloud-based performance engineering solution. 

There have been improvements in several areas such as user interface, user experience, data and analytics, integrations, cloud, and on-premises components. 

The user interface for several test definition tabs such as Test scheduler, Load profile, and SLA have been redesigned with a modern layout, providing users with a more intuitive and streamlined test definition experience. 

The user experience and TCO (total cost of ownership) have been improved with several new capabilities.

  • Quickly validate scripts on on-premises load generators, at no cost, before running them in a load test.
  • Minimize downtime of on-premises components by enabling quick alerting and collaborating among the teams when a notification sent to your favorite Team channel (Microsoft or Webex) when one of your LoadRunner Cloud agents is disconnected. 

The test initialization process has been improved with a new Early Test Start capability. Manually start a test as soon as LoadRunner Cloud reaches the predefined threshold for successfully provisioning virtual users. 

The integration with AppDynamics monitor has been enhanced to allow better and faster performance analysis. The integration with AppDynamics has been extended to support the monitoring of Kubernetes pods, clusters, and containers. Furthermore, the configuration for hardware resource metrics in AppDynamics is now dynamically retrieved for the supported entities. 

As always, we put a great focus on VuGen, protocols, and LoadRunner Developer. The following are some of the main new capabilities in this area: 

  • Support for VuGen and OneLG version 24.1.
  • Enhanced Runtime Settings user interface in several protocols: TruClient Web, TruClient-Mobile Web, TruClient-Native Mobile, SAP Web, and SAP GUI.
  • Expanded browser version coverage for TruClient: Chromium version 120 and TruClient Browser version 118 (equivalent to Firefox).
  • VuGen authentication using SSO (Single Sign-On).
  • For the full list, check out the VuGen 24.1 what’s new page 

LoadRunner Cloud CE 24.1 (year 2024, quarter 1) is our first version delivery this year, and we are already working on the next few versions for this year, so stay tuned! For a more detailed and technical look at the LoadRunner Cloud CE 24.1 release, check out the ADM Help what’s new page. 

You ask and we deliver! Thank you for helping us make LoadRunner Cloud better. Please continue to submit and vote for new ideas using the LoadRunner Cloud idea exchange.

Want to test LoadRunner Cloud for yourself? Give it a try by signing up for the free 30 day trial

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