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LoadRunner 2023 Solutions are now SAP Premium Qualified.

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The OpenText Performance Engineering product management team is very happy to announce that LoadRunner Professional 2023 and LoadRunner Enterprise 2023 have both passed the SAP Premium Qualification for SAP Solutions Extensions. This product qualification follows last years award for versions 2022.

About the SAP Premium Qualification Process:
SAP is one of OpenText’s largest partners and resellers. The Premium Qualification program is a rigorous process of validation that SAP uses to analyse and test products, including its own, in several categories. These categories include: accessibility, functionality, documentation, performance, security and usability. A product can appear in the SAP Market Place as “SAP certified” after achieving all 16 approvals. The process is taken for any major release of the product. SAP customers will not be able to upgrade or install any new version from OpenText until this official approval.

About LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Enterprise:
LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Enterprise have become the defacto industry standard for performance engineering with thousands of customers using our solutions to deliver new applications and features at the speed the business requires. LoadRunner solutions allow organizations to evolve from a siloed, late-stage performance testing model to one that builds quality metrics into the release requirements before development begins. We facilitate this by supporting a proactive, continuous performance engineering discipline that includes four key attributes: expansion of performance testing to new roles, tight integration into the CI/CD process, end-to-end performance monitoring, and continuous improvement.

The LoadRunner family is backed by common technology that fosters continuous collaboration across teams.

Enterprise Coverage minimizes the need for customization from the start as teams can use one set of tools to test a wide range of technologies.

• An Open and Integrated approach seamlessly integrates with dozens of tools commonly used for scripting, CI/CD, open source, application performance monitoring and more.

• The Scalability and Flexible shared approach means that you don’t have rising costs across maintaining assets, sharing licenses or meeting unexpected demands.

• Embedded network virtualization makes testing more Realistic and provides invaluable insights to match real-world conditions.

• Combining these capabilities make the LoadRunner family more Intelligent to provide shared smart analytics and real-time insights.

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Ensure your applications are built to perform with SAP LoadRunner by OpenText!

If you would like to find out more information and submit questions about Performance Engineering best practices and methodologies, visit our DevOps community.