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LoadRunner Cloud 2021.08 – release notes

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 The Micro Focus Performance Engineering team is pleased to introduce the newest version of our cloud-based performance engineering solution – LoadRunner Cloud 2021.08.

This release includes a lot of great content that extends the solution's global reach, enhances capacity configuration for cloud load generators, and improves reporting and analysis.

Below you can find the main new capabilities and enhancements included in the new version, LoadRunner Cloud v2021.08.

What’s new in LoadRunner Cloud v2021.08?  

  • Customize the capacity for cloud load generators from the user interface. When using an intensive script that requires additional CPU resources on the load generator machine, or if you simply need to run fewer Vusers per IP address, you can now easily configure your test to increase or decrease the capacity of cloud load generators directly from the user interface.
  • New locations added for cloud load generators: Milan on AWS and Tokyo on GCP. You can generate Vuser load from more than 35 different locations around the world on GCP, Azure, or AWS.
  • Enhanced GIT integration. You can share a single Git agent with multiple projects in your LoadRunner Cloud tenant.
  • Vuser distribution: When adding or removing on-premises load generators in your test, you can use the Distribute Evenly button to automatically assign an equal number of Vusers to all on-premises load generators participating in the test.
  • TruClient measurements: The following client-side experience measurements were added to the dashboard metrics: DOM interactive event, DOM content loaded event duration, and Page load event duration.
  • Public API enhancements: A new capability was added to the LoadRunner Cloud public API, allowing you to retrieve the transaction response time summary during runtime.
  • SLA criterion: A new SLA setting was added to allow marking a test as Failed if one or more Vusers fail. 

To learn more about all of the new features in LoadRunner Cloud 2021.08, check out the What’s New page.