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Micro Focus Strategic Insights Video Series - Episode 3: Getting Started with Value Stream Management

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Christopher Condo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Julian Fish, ADM Product Management at Micro Focus, discuss how value stream management complements your existing software development tools. 

Value stream management (VSM) can positively transform your approach to software development. But where and how should you start? We sat down with Christopher Condo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to learn about best practices in adopting VSM. In this short video here. you’ll see how to map your processes so you can measure and maximize value delivery across your software development lifecycle (SDLC). 

VSM originated in the manufacturing industry and is now being successfully applied to the SDLC. He shares how VSM leverages and enhances your existing toolchain to provide tailored, task-relevant insight. That insight includes areas of slowdown and waste. 

Chris shares how and why many companies assign a champion to lead a VSM initiative. This focused approach facilitates early success. It’s also important that participants don’t feel that VSM metrics are being used to judge them but rather to power SDLC-wide performance improvements. 

Successful companies embrace three key elements within their VSM initiatives:

  • An open-minded approach.
  • A culture that supports data-driven actions.
  • Support for seamless IT and business teaming. 

Finally, you’ll hear about the new Micro Focus ValueEdge AI-powered VSM platform. This modular, cloud-based platform works with an existing software toolchain to deliver real-time insight from strategy to delivery. 

Watch the VSM video now.


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