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Micro Focus Strategic Insights Video Series - Episode 4: Driving Value Realization with Value Stream Management

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Learn how value stream management unifies and powers business value realization for software-driven enterprises with Christopher Condo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Julian Fish, Director of Product Management at Micro Focus. 

Value stream management’s (VSM) mission is to enable companies to create and deliver maximum value for their businesses and, in turn, their customers. In this engaging episode, you’ll learn the steps to powering an effective VSM approach. By the end, of this video  you’ll have insight into which metrics are critical to aligning an organization’s KPIs to maximize value delivery.

Imagine a pyramid model that connects and translates key business goals—such as maximizing customer lifetime value—with measurable KPIs—such as customer churn reduction. This alignment drives specific actions across an organization’s development, product, and operations functions. 

Successful companies embrace four key metric categories to maximize business value creation using VSM:

  • Progress (rework trends, velocity trends, number of pull requests).
  • Quality (pre- or post-production defects, response time, security).
  • Engagement (culture change, developer experience, mood marbles).
  • Efficiency (delivery, throughput, productivity, flow). 

Effective VSM can transform your organization from a first-in, first-out linear backlog model to one that enables your organization to collaborate closely. Together, your team can identify and dynamically prioritize tasks that increase business value—while reducing or eliminating tasks that yield limited value for customers. 

This video also covers our new ValueEdge solution. Our modular, cloud-based platform works with your existing software toolchain to deliver real-time insight—from strategy to delivery. 

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