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NEW Updates to UFT One Are Here!

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It’s essential and sometimes difficult to stay ahead of the curve in functional testing, but UFT One, a long-time staple for test automation continues to make enterprise testing easier and more convenient to ALL UFT One users. There are five exciting new capabilities being added to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, offering a glimpse into how these enhancements are shaping the future of software testing.


1. Easier to Create AI-based Test Scripts

 UFT One has expanded AI Object Detection capabilities by adding the ability to create AI-based test scripts not only in ‘editor’ mode, but also in ‘keyword view’ mode. This allows users who create test scripts to do so in a modular way instead of programming, empowering testers to create more robust and resilient test scripts, ultimately saving time and improving test coverage.

AI Object Detection intelligently identifies and interacts with UI elements within your application. This means that even if your application's structure changes or new elements are introduced, UFT One can adapt on the fly, significantly reducing maintenance efforts.


2. Lighter-weight Deployment

You are in luck if you’re looking for a lightweight deployment of UFT One in a containerized environment. You can now use the new Docker image to run Web Tests and AI-based web tests in a Windows Docker environment. Testing in Docker environments ensures that your tests are consistent and reproducible, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.


3. Latest AI Model – Without Full Upgrade

You don’t have to upgrade to the latest UFT One release (23.4) to use the latest AI object detection model.  Traditionally, updating AI models within testing tools requires a complete tool upgrade. But our AI Object Detection is getting stronger, and we’d like everyone to have access to the latest version and benefit from a new and fully updated AI Object Detection process. This will allow your teams to stay current with the latest AI advancements, ensuring that their testing efforts are always powered by cutting-edge technology.


4. More Cloud Browser Testing Types

More browser types will be available for testing for UFT One users – It’s always a headache to maintain various browsers on machines just to run automation test runs.  The ability of UFT One to test browsers through the cloud eliminates that hassle. There are several types of browsers to choose from including Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium Edge.


5. View Cloud Browser Test Execution

Your users are now able to run their tests in cloud browsers and view test run processes, and every step is visible. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) allows testers to remotely view and interact with the browser session in real-time, regardless of its location in the cloud. This real-time interaction facilitates debugging and troubleshooting, enabling testers to identify issues more efficiently and improve test script reliability.


Software testing is continually evolving, and UFT One remains at the forefront. AI Object Detection, already a ground breaker, is becoming even more convenient to use for all developers. It’s also becoming easier to deploy. These new capabilities combined with the latest AI Object Detection model available for all users is a testament to commitment OpenText has to enable functional testers everywhere.


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