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Now Available: UFT Developer 2021 R1

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Micro Focus is proud to announce the release of Micro Focus UFT Developer 2021 R1! This version builds on existing AI-based capabilities for shift-left testing and delivers significant core testing and technology updates.

Here are the prominent highlights you should know about this release.

Shift-left for AI-driven Testing

  • Access the AI Mockup Inspection window directly from the IDE
  • Run results include a description of AI-based steps in plain English
  • Use the new GetValue method for retrieving the value of an AI object
  • Support AiTypes list of AI classes in AiObject descriptions

Web Testing Enhancements

  • Web testing acceleration
  • Test web apps in IE mode on Chromium Edge

Core Testing Updates

  • New versions of UFT Developer for Selenium SDKs now available
  • JavaScript SDK updates
  • Docker images rebranded
  • License consumption updates

Extended Technology Support

  • New technology versions for Angular, Oracle, OpenJDK, and more
  • New OS versions for CentOS and Ubuntu
  • New browser versions for Chrome, Chromium Edge, and Firefox
  • New IDE versions for Android Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA

Learn more

Check out What’s New in UFT Developer 2021 R1 to see the complete list of features and technologies, or browse the full Support Matrix from our Online Help Center.

UFT Developer 2021 R1 is part of the UFT Family, which also includes UFT One and UFT Mobile. Visit our blogs below to find out what’s new in the rest of the UFT Family.

Wrap Up

Download UFT Developer 2021 R1 today from the following locations:

Downloads are available in English.

To learn more about UFT Developer, visit us at www.microfocus.com/uft-developer.



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