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[On-Demand Webinar] Straight from the Source: GigaOm Radar for Cloud Performance Testing

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Organizations looking to test large loads at a fast pace and low cost are turning to the cloud. Evaluating every cloud-based performance testing solution can be time-consuming and partial to bias, but thankfully, GigaOm has once again taken out the guesswork. 

We recently conducted a webinar titled, Straight from the Source: GigaOm Radar for Cloud Performance Testing, where we walked through the recent 2023 report and touched on some growing trends within the cloud performance testing category. 

Hear directly from the source, Howard Holton, CTO at GigaOm, on what he is seeing in the market, who the major players are, and why LoadRunner SaaS is a leader. Mark Nadasdi, Presales Leader at OpenText, sits down with Holton to discuss: 

  • How LoadRunner SaaS is a leader in cloud performance engineering.
  • Why many are moving to a cloud-based performance solution.
  • What we can expect to see from the growing market.
  • The value of the GigaOm Radar report for decision-makers.
  • …and more!

Watch the on-demand webinar now for all things cloud performance testing! 

If you have not already, read the GigaOm Radar for Cloud Performance Testing report for a forward-looking analysis that plots the relative value and progression of vendor solutions along multiple axes based on strategy and execution. 

Take it one step further and read the supporting report, Key Criteria for Evaluating Cloud Performance Testing Solutions, for a detailed market sector analysis that assesses the impact that key product features and criteria have on top-line solution characteristics. 

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