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[On-Demand Webinar] Strategic Planning for an Agile World

by   in DevOps Cloud (ADM)

With the dynamic shift to digitization, hybrid work, and business innovation and execution it’s increasingly important to prioritize automation. How you choose to utilize Agile automation will determine success in the coming years. In this recent webinar, featuring a guest speaker from IDC, and guests from Fannie Mae, we’ll explore how organizations benefit significantly from automated software quality tools. During our time together we will also dive into:

  • Top DevOps & Quality Trends.
  • IDC Survey results that answer key questions such as
    • What are the top drivers to scaling DevOps across the organization?
    • What role does generative artificial intelligence play in software quality and testing?
  • Recommendations based on survey results.
  • Key drivers for innovation & automated software quality adoption.
  • Customer perspective on performance engineering challenges and insights into their solutions.
  • Strategies to incorporate agile adaptive processes for continuous testing.

Organizations often face shifting priorities when they adopt a digital transformation strategy. At OpenText we help these organizations go through digital transformation with our Application Delivery and Quality solutions. In this webinar, you will get:

You’ll also hear from industry experts on what they see as some of the biggest challenges in software quality and testing. Some of which include imbedded integrated shift-left testing and keeping up with the speed and complexity of releases. 

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