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Optimize experience with Navigator Aviator and more in OpenText Project & Portfolio Management 24.2

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Boost user efficiency and maximize value with the OpenText Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) 24.2 release. New features will help customers optimize their PPM experience to better achieve strategic goals and deliver value effectively.  PPM 24.2 increases productivity, mitigates risk, improves decision-making, and reduces the total cost to operate PPM to maximize the value derived from PPM.  Check out some of the new features and capabilities highlighted below.

 Navigator Aviator

A guide to assist users in expediting their navigation through PPM, reducing the time it takes to locate and access key functions within the system. Navigator Aviator provides a streamlined navigation process that helps users complete tasks more quickly and efficiently while reducing frustration. This new feature can help reduce the time and resources spent on user training and support to help reduce the total cost to operate PPM, maximizing the value derived from your PPM install in a shorter time frame.


Centralized hub for demand management

Foster a more efficient work environment with the new centralized hub for demand management. The enhanced requests landing page serves as a centralized hub for demand management where users can perform various actions without needing to navigate further. Streamline user’s workflows and minimize the effort required to complete tasks, boosting efficiency and reducing the learning curve associated with navigating through various actions for new users.

Dependency violation warnings

Dependencies are complex and add risk and uncertainty to portfolios and projects. What-if analysis scenario planning now warns users of dependency violations, enabling users to proactively address issues and reduce risks so their portfolios remain on track and achieve desired outcomes. Ensure dependencies are managed effectively so users have accurate information needed to make informed decisions, reduce the risk of delays or disruptions, and optimize portfolio performance. 

Additional enhancements include the following:

  • Production support for PostgreSQL Database
  • Flexible upgrade path
  • Removed 4,000-character limit for rich text fields
  • HTML read-only fields for Requests
  • And more! 

For full details on PPM 24.2, visit the PPM Help Center.


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