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Reshape the Future of DevOps with Generative AI

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The constant hype around generative AI is only the beginning. This game-changing technology is already transforming digital landscapes everywhere and is geared up to relieve pressure on high-tech industries, especially in domain-specific fields, such as software development and testing.

Key benefits of generative AI as noted by Gartner, Inc. include the following: 

  • Enabling enterprises to create new products more quickly
  • Generating, translating and verifying software code to help employees work more efficiently
  • Improving customer experiences by generating personalized content
  • Enhancing pattern recognition and identifying potential risks to enterprises more quickly

As more enterprises begin to realize their full potential, generative AI will undoubtedly reshape the total landscape and the future of DevOps.

It should go without saying that OpenText is pioneering this opportunity as a trusted partner by ushering in a new era of possibilities where generative AI complements human creativity to become tomorrow’s solutions.

AI and LLM-powered software delivery

We are excited to announce the private beta for OpenText DevOps Aviator. Its new AI and next-generation LLM capabilities empower developers, accelerate application delivery, and gain insights into digital value stream KPIs. Without compromising quality, DevOps Aviator enables developers to continuously deliver software at unparalleled velocity and agility with less risk.

In addition, AI and LLM-powered software delivery with OpenText DevOps Aviator helps

  • Deliver software applications on time.
  • Gain better visibility into in-flight projects and risks.
  • Minimize the learning curve for developers.
  • Save time by reducing waste and rework.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the newest capabilities in OpenText DevOps Aviator CE 23.4.

AI-generated test ideas

Generating specific tests using the power of AI greatly reduces the number of manual steps. DevOps Aviator provides a list of suggested test ideas for developers to choose from. With a simple click, tests can be accepted for inclusion into the test plan or regenerated by DevOps Aviator. By automating test ideation, DevOps Aviator saves time and allows developers to focus more effort on test strategies.

AI-generated dashboard widgets

The lack of real-time insights often hinders decision making and software development. In no time, users can build powerful dashboards to gain insight into their projects and activities. DevOps Aviator interprets “human-like” instructions to auto-configure dashboard widgets. This saves hours of work by removing the complexity of manually building and configuring dashboard widgets. Customize your dashboard to monitor projects and points of risk that can impact software quality to ensure optimal operational efficiency.

Feature predictions

Need a crystal ball to see into the future? With the CE 23.4 release, DevOps Aviator predicts the delivery time for features. It does this by estimating your feature completion date using AI and historical data. Knowing your time-to-market enables you to deliver software applications on time and helps make commitments to customers and stakeholders.

Next-level DevOps with next-generation AI

Can AI improve how you test, analyze, and deliver software? Join the Aviator waitlist.

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  • Gain high-value insights instantly into projects and points of risk that impact software quality.
  • Empower developers with value generating work that minimizes manual repetitive tasks.
  • Release software on-time using state-of-the-art AI for ultra-efficiency.

Discover next-level DevOps using next-generation AI with OpenText DevOps Aviator.