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Resilience in Performance Engineering: OpenText LoadRunner Enterprise CE 24.1 Meets Steadybit

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Exciting times lie ahead for our LoadRunner community! With the recent unveiling of LoadRunner Professional's chaos and resilience features, we're thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Steadybit, taking our capabilities a notch higher in the LoadRunner Enterprise edition. As of February 22, we've rolled out version 24.1, marking a significant milestone by integrating chaos events into performance engineering. 

Why the New Integration?

Listening to our customers has always been at the core of what we do. The demand for a broader spectrum of resiliency partners was loud and clear, and we've responded. LoadRunner Enterprise 24.1 now stands out as the first performance engineering tool to embrace multiple vendors and support both cloud and off-cloud chaos platforms. This integration means our users can now seamlessly blend resiliency tests with traditional performance scripts, offering a comprehensive toolkit for today's complex digital landscapes. 

The Rising Need for Resiliency Testing

Where downtime equates to substantial financial and reputational risks, the importance of resiliency testing has never been more critical. Traditional methods of resiliency testing, often cumbersome and scale-resistant, are becoming relics of the past. The shift towards more dynamic, user-friendly approaches is inevitable. We understand that no one relishes the thought of deciphering decade-old batch files! 

Modern organizations juggle complex ecosystems, not just standalone applications. This complexity necessitates a robust testing framework capable of assessing both performance and resilience under load. 

The Chaos Engineering Partnership with Steadybit

The fusion of Steadybit's innovative chaos engineering with LoadRunner Enterprise ushers in a new era of resilience and performance testing. This partnership enriches your performance engineering repertoire, enabling the extension of traditional scripts to encompass the entire landscape of your environment, including production zones. It's about proactively uncovering faults to safeguard against financial and reputational risks and embedding smart design choices right from the start. The real-time analytic and monitoring capabilities, coupled with the deep-dive exploration features of Steadybit, transform how you identify and resolve performance bottlenecks or issues. This integration is a testament to our commitment to continuous enhancement, ensuring our users are equipped with the most advanced tools to navigate the complexities of modern digital ecosystems. 

Looking Ahead

With the launch of OpenText LoadRunner Enterprise CE 24.1 and the integration of Steadybit, we're stepping into a future where resilience and performance testing merge seamlessly. This evolution marks a significant milestone in our journey toward understanding and mastering the complexities of modern digital environments. 

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