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SMC Journal Podcast Talks LoadRunner Solutions and Gremlin

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Join us in hearing how the LoadRunner family of performance engineering solutions and Gremlin for chaos engineering can help you prepare for risk events before they happen!

In this episode of the SMC Journal podcast, Jeff Nickoloff, Principal Engineer at Gremlin, speaks on how to get the most value from combining load testing and resiliency experiments and gives us the inside scoop on the future of Gremlin.

Episode highlights include:

- How has the world of chaos engineering changed over the years?

- How to mix performance and load testing with chaos resiliency testing to get the most value

- Chaos resiliency testing in a pre-production vs post-production environment

- Where is Gremlin now and where they are going?

- How the LoadRunner family integrates with Gremlin—and the value this integration brings to you!

Creating the "perfect storm" AND being able to recreate it can be a tricky task. Watch this most recent episode of the SMC Journal Podcast to learn how LoadRunner solutions and Gremlin can help you create the perfect storm over and over again.

For more information on how to ensure top tier application performance, explore the LoadRunner family of solutions today.

Want to learn more about chaos engineering? Visit our page, Expect the Unexpected with Chaos Engineering, for additional resources.

See SMC Journal for more podcasts on all things performance engineering!

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