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CTOs & VPs of Apps are under pressure to increase the flow of Development to Production, i.e., the rate at which new applications and capabilities get delivered to where they can make money.

This can be characterized as the rate of Speed-to-Value, aka #Speed2Value.

CTOs & VPs of Apps must achieve #Speed2Value in the face of many challenges.

  • Changing priorities plus budget cuts: 2023 has been a bad year for budgets.
  • Staffing SNAFUs, e.g., too few Test Automation Engineers, who are hard to come by.
  • Process opacity clouds everything, including the ability to spot problems or speed up.
  • Manual labor often starts with a reliance on Manual Testing. Manual Testing doesn’t scale.
  • Toolchain debt leads to process opacity and complexity. You need a get-out-of-debt plan.
  • Escaped defects gum up the flow or worse. Total Quality must be the name of the game.
  • Slow delivery and commercial failure looms, absent a different course, a winning course.

Speed2Value counts when new software capabilities proceed from planning, through development, testing and delivery - all the way to production, the five phases of the Digital Value Stream. A DVS should flow smoothly, rapidly and safely. Most don’t. That’s a shame.

ValueEdge23 offers three great new capabilities for #Speed2Value.

ValueEdge launched in March 2022 to provide visibility across the DVS.

ValueEdge23 caps a year of strong progress.

ValueEdge23 includes many enhancements across the platform and its acceleration modules.  Thus, VE23 expands the platform’s positioning and its acceleration effect on speed2value.

ValueEdge22 was positioned solely as a VSM platform. ValueEdge23 doubles the positioning to a DevOps and VSM Platform. The ValueEdge acceleration modules make it not just a DevOps platform, but the best DevOps platform. Why? VE23 is the only DevOps platform that enables Total Quality - functional, performance and management, all world class, all scalable. In short, VE23 does DevOps plus Total Quality, a unique capability among DevOps platforms today.

ValueEdge23’s new capabilities enable DVS acceleration by compressing the Plan, Build, Test and Deliver phases, even as VE23 enables enhanced quality, aka better, faster, less expensive.

Three great new capabilities stand out with ValueEdge23.

Strategic Planning for an Agile World

Powered by the new ValueEdge Strategy plus ValueEdge Agile acceleration modules, VE23’s Strategic Planning for an Agile World capability is portfolio management designed for today. That means it is designed for a world where Strategic Portfolio Management operates on a continuous planning basis and is seamlessly integrated with agile management.

Codeless Quality

Powered by ValueEdge Functional Test and its AI-enabled abilities, Codeless Quality is a force-multiplier for Manual and SME Testers. Codeless Quality thus enables Total Quality within Digital Value Streams.

It does this by enabling Manual Testers, Business Analysts and SMEs to become Automation Makers. These Automation Makers will not be at the level of Automation Engineers but will be vastly more productive than they were as manual testers, thereby dramatically increasing productivity and testing coverage. That boost is key to powering the Total Quality journey.

Real-world Performance Engineering

Real-world Performance Engineering comes from ValueEdge Performance, powered by LoadRunner, coupled with LoadRunner Developer.

Two key capabilities bring this to life. First, modeling the true nature of an application under actual load and doing performance engineering against that. Second, infusing performance engineering into the DevOps pipeline. Thus, developers join performance engineers in the process.

Together, these capabilities allow real-world performance problems to be anticipated and forestalled. Applications in production perform as expected, leading to less drama in production.

Remember This

ValueEdge23 accelerates #Speed2Value. Check out the press release. Available March 25, 2023.

VE23 is the DevOps & VSM platform from OpenText.

Three major new capabilities stand out with VE23.

Strategic Planning for an Agile World

Codeless Quality

Real-world Performance Engineering