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Tailor Chaos Engineering to Scale Your Reliability Journey-Webinar

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Teams are increasingly using Chaos Engineering to prepare for risk events before they hit production. Through safe experimentation you can empower your engineers to gain confidence in their system’s reliability and provide a flawless end-user experience. To help you on your reliability journey, OpenText LoadRunner Professional has partnered with Chaos Engineering provider, Steadybit, and will host a webinar to fill you in on all the exciting capabilities that this partnership provides.

In this webinar, you will hear from David McLeish, Product Manager for OpenText LoadRunner solutions, on this recent Chaos Engineering partnership with Steadybit. Webinar highlights include:

  • What is Chaos and Resiliency testing?
  • Why are customers embracing chaos?
  • How to build resiliency testing into your performance engineering strategy.
  • How Steadybit and LoadRunner Professional work together.
  • A look inside running and reviewing an experiment.
  • How to get started with Chaos Engineering.

Join us on Thursday, May 11 at 11:00 AM EDT as we explore the answers to all these questions. Take the first step in implementing a reliable Chaos Engineering strategy with the help of LoadRunner Professional and Steadybit.

Watch now.

For more information on how the LoadRunner family supports Chaos Engineering, visit our page Expect the Unexpected with Chaos Engineering.