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The World Quality Report 2023-24 The Future Up Close is Available Now!

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The World Quality Report is back for its 15th edition! The only global report of its kind analyzes the latest in quality engineering and software testing trends. 

OpenText has teamed up with Capgemini and Sogeti to conduct the global survey. This year, we interviewed 1,750 executives and professionals, across 8 sectors, from 40 countries

Our research identified two new areas of potential impact for quality engineering, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. The application of generative AI is poised to be a game-changer in quality engineering and fundamentally redefining the art of the possible. While quality automation is certainly on the rise, organizations still face critical challenges. 

This year’s report also highlights 8 featured themes aligned with market trends: 

  • Business assurance: 56% of organizations are aligning strategic business goals, products, and value streams.
  • Agile quality management: Many organizations are evolving their traditional quality engineers into full-stack quality engineers.
  • Quality engineering lifecycle automation: Delivering good systems with quality is a priority and has to be done in a timely manner.
  • AI, the future of quality engineering: 77% of organizations today consistently invest in AI and utilize it to optimize quality assurance processes.
  • Quality ecosystem: 71% of organizations prefer cloud-native tooling to perform cloud testing.
  • Digital core reliability: 35% of organizations have their business users testing digital core solutions to ensure end-to-end quality.
  • Intelligent product testing: 46% of respondents consider root cause analysis to be of high priority which denotes a shift to the left and a willingness to use test results.
  • Quality & sustainability: 97% felt quality engineering was active or continually active in driving the sustainability agenda in their organizations. 

With the World Quality Report 2023-2024 The Future Up Close, you can read about the key recommendations for each of these areas. The complete report and country pullouts are available here. 

Press release - World Quality Report 2023-24


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