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Top 10 New Features in UFT Mobile 2021

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 Micro Focus is proud to announce the release of Micro Focus UFT Mobile 2021! 

This latest version delivers significant updates that visually enhance the mobile testing experience, optimize the utilization of devices, simplify administration capabilities, and support additional technologies.

To help highlight the features and benefits of this release, here are 10 new things you should know about UFT Mobile 2021.

#1. Admin Dashboard

See how your test devices look in a single glance. UFT Mobile’s new dashboard provides a visual summary of the overall lab status, device and license usage, and alerts that make it easier to verify if everything is up and running.

The dashboard can also assist with decision making. For example, device information is useful when deciding if additional devices of a certain OS version are required in general or for a specific workspace.

#2. Live Device Log

For easier debugging, testers can watch the behavior of one or more apps in real-time while conducting a manual test, providing insight into why an error occurs and helping with troubleshooting.

With this new feature, you can also:

  • Limit the log information displayed by applying log-level filters.
  • Search for a term in the log.
  • Adjust the display preferences.
  • Downloading the log itself.

#3. Device Connection Information

Auto-detect device connection failures and get steps to help you resolve it.

#4. Device Reservation Enhancements

Free up reserved unused devices to improve the utilization of your devices. These settings include limiting the maximum number of reservations per user and limiting the duration of reservations.

#5. Improved iOS Dev Access

Connect to hosted devices in the UFT Mobile lab and interact with them from within your IDE, with additional support for Dev Access with multiple connectors simultaneously and over a proxy.

#6. Device Maintenance Mode

Activate this mode to temporarily indicate that a device is in maintenance (e.g. to upgrade or configure a device). Administrators can also easily distinguish between devices disconnected for maintenance purposes and devices with connection issues.

#7. Collect Logs

Download logs collected from the server and all connectors, from specific machines, or download only the latest logs.

#8. New Appium Support

The version of Appium included with UFT Mobile has been updated to version 1.21.

#9. Technology Updates

UFT Mobile 2021 expands its testability with its support of new technologies. This release includes support for:

  • PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL version 13 is now supported when connecting the UFT Mobile server to an external database.
  • Flutter SDK: Introducing support for Flutter version 2, as well as auto iOS packaging support for apps built with the Flutter SDK.
  • Dalvik Executable (DEX): Versions 037, 038, and 039 of the DEX format are supported in UFT Mobile 2021.

#10. Version Numbering Update

The version number for UFT Mobile now follows a date-based format rather than the traditional semantic-based format.

Learn More

To learn more about UFT Mobile 2021, check out “What’s New” in UFT Mobile 2021 to see the complete list of features and enhancements.

Go to the UFT Mobile home page to request a demo or contact us for more information. Feel free to join the conversations on the UFT Mobile community!


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