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Top 10 Reasons to Enhance Performance and Load Testing

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LoadRunner Professional is for organizations who need to enable co-located teams to streamline and accelerate load testing across application types, network conditions, and service levels in one intuitive platform.

With OpenText LoadRunner Professional, you can support continuous testing across any protocol, technology, service level or environment, at any time throughout the development lifecycle. The industry-standard performance engineering solution simplifies and accelerates performance and load testing so you can go to market faster with a fully functional application that you’ve tested against real-world scenarios.

Here are 10 ways you can benefit from testing applications with LoadRunner Professional:

  1. Test across mobile, web, and legacy applications: Test the latest mobile and web technology, legacy technologies, or packaged applications with the industry’s broadest protocol support, and over 50 technologies and platforms.
  2. Scalable capacity and flexible licensing: Burst capacity in the cloud and multiple licensing options enable businesses to meet demands without increasing costs across assets, licenses, and infrastructure.
  3. Open and integrated testing: Broad support with dozens of tools covering scripting, CI/CD, open source, APM, and more, bridge the testing gap between DevOps and Agile.
  4. Realistic network virtualization analysis: Emulate real-world conditions with embedded network virtualization capabilities to accurately analyze user response time and throughput.
  5. Intelligent analytics with real-time insights: Connect the developer, CI, and end-to-end performance tests to rapidly pinpoint the root cause of failure and speed up repairs using shared smart analytics with real-time insights.
  6. Intuitive dashboard: The user-friendly interface makes performance testing simple for users of all levels.
  7. Workload emulation testing: Run high scale tests, emulating hundreds or thousands of concurrent users, with minimal hardware, to accurately assess workloads.
  8. Built-in integration, automation, and management: Leverage built-in integrations across IDE, CI/CD, open source test automation, monitoring, and source code management tools to enable continuous testing throughout the entire development lifecycle.
  9. Data visualizations and actionable insights: Gain insights and identify failures quickly with automated and graphical testing analysis, and enhanced data visualization that lets teams view real-time results and manipulate data to make smarter decisions.
  10. Flexible deployment and marketplace extensions: Minimize infrastructure needs with deployment options that support on-premises, virtual, and public cloud.

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