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Top New Features in ALM Octane 16.0.300

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New Release for Analytics-Focused, End-to-End Visibility and Continuous Quality

ALM Octane 16.0.300 - From planning and release management to continuous integration and test automation, the new ALM Octane 16.0.300 release includes features and enhancements that provide insight, traceability, analytics-focused end-to-end visibility, and continuous quality.

While this new release continues to help organizations with a focus on modern methods, it is still process-agnostic. Meaning ALM Octane is flexible enough to support transformations from legacy waterfall, iterative approaches, to scaled agile—and even hybrid methodologies—along with DevOps practices.

For the complete list of new features, please visit What's New in 16.0.300 or visit the What’s New webpage.

Agile & DevOps

  • Duplicate & split features/stories enhancements
    Now set a business rule condition to perform an action when an entity is duplicated or split.

  • Display total and actual story points per features in grid
    The Features grid can now display the sum of the feature story points for the selected items. This helps you plan your backlog before the features are broken into stories.

Quality & Integrations 

  • BDD – support for Gherkin localization
    ALM Octane now allows you to localize your Gherkin test feature files and BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) specifications using any of the 70+ languages supported by Gherkin.

  • BDD – support for multiple frameworks

  • CI servers extended functionality
    Support for GitLab code coverage and pull request injection. Support for latest version of Fortify in Octane Jenkins plugin.


  • Risk-Based Testing - test recommendations for reducing risk
    ALM Octane quality risk analytics helps to minimize testing effort by recommending a set of tests to run on high-risk areas that may have hidden defects. It also helps increase your certainty about the quality of application modules with high-quality risk scores.

  • AI - problematic defects root cause analysis (SaaS Only)*


  • Public dashboard
    Dashboards and their tooltips can now be shared outside of Octane with others in your company via your organization’s SSO.

  • Increased dashboard capabilities
    These include adding up to 30 widgets in the dashboard and overview tabs; last test runs in the features and backlog items included in traceability widget; filtering test run trend widgets based on suites and backlog coverage.

  • Extend traceability widget – add Test runs

  • Support export to CSV
    Using the new CSV export feature, you can now export up to 60,000 Octane entities.

  • Document reports
    Embed graphs and widgets into reports. Also, you can incorporate fields from related entities to your tables (technical preview)

Enterprise Readiness & Administration

  • Control access to API via API Keys only

Release Control

  • Run Jenkins jobs with parameters using auto actions
    Automatic actions can now send user-defined parameters to Jenkins jobs when running a job.

  • Run Pulse Uno jobs using auto actions (technical preview)

  • Update Octane entities using auto actions

UI Enhancements

  • Sidebar plugin enhancements
    Building on the Sidebar Plugin functionality released in ALM Octane 16.0.200, enhancements have been made for creating custom sidebar plugins and adding them to all grid views in ALM Octane that already include right-pane sidebars, for example, Filter and Preview. Learn more

  • External actions enhancements
    Building on the External Actions functionality released in ALM Octane 16.0.200, enhancements have been made for creating external actions and embedding them in the ALM Octane UI. External actions can launch external websites or applications that can interact with ALM Octane. Learn more

Efficiency and Waste*

  • Track and manage waste in DevOps processes with analytics and dashboard widgets* (technical preview)

  • New waste reduction metrics and insights* (technical preview)

*May only be available on ALM Octane Enterprise on SaaS editions in future releases and/or may be limited to SaaS-only versions in the future.

For the complete list of new features, please visit What's New in 16.0.300 or visit the What’s New webpage:



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