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Top Technology Trends - 2024

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The Gartner® report Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024: AI-Augmented Development is available for download now and shedding light on the crucial advancements that are shaping the future of software engineering.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, IT leaders must adopt AI-augmented development tools and practices to enhance the capabilities of their software engineers. This Gartner report explores why AI-augmented development matters. It’s your gateway to understanding the pivotal role of AI in software development, offering insights that will empower you to navigate the tech landscape with confidence.

What you’ll learn in the report

  1. The components of AI-augmented development: Delve into the components that make up the new world of AI-augmented development. Explore the value of a) design-to-code tools, b) AI coding assistants, and c) AI-augmented testing tools. Learn how demystifying these tools to your tech professionals can galvanize your organization.
  2. Current opportunities: Discover the current opportunities that AI-augmented development brings to the table. Uncover how embracing these opportunities can propel your projects to new heights.
  3. Insightful metrics: Gain access to insightful statistics that provide a comprehensive view of the impact of AI in the development process. Understand how these metrics can be leveraged to make informed decisions and drive success.
  4. Implications of current trends: Grasp the broader view of what lies on the horizon. Understand where AI-augmented development tools impact software creation process.

In fast-paced tech environments, staying informed is your greatest capability. This report will give you a glimpse into the future of what lies ahead for AI-augmented tools. Whether you’re an IT leader or a seasoned developer, the insights provided empower you to make informed decisions as your organization moves forward.

Read Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024: AI-Augmented Development and embrace the future of software development with confidence.


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