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Trust the industry standard in browser-based testing: TruClient™︎

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Ensure flawless end-user experience and customer satisfaction with TruClient, a tool in the OpenTextTm LoadRunnerTm family, that has been the industry standard for browser-based testing for decades.

Browser-based testing is a method of testing web applications and websites that runs tests right in the web browser. It emulates real user interactions and verifies that the application operates correctly across different browsers and on different devices. It’s important to replicate user experience to understand how the user reacts when a page is loading, and TruClient is the most dependable and recognized tool in the market.

Some key features and capabilities you will find in TruClient include the following:

  • Easy to use regardless of skill level
  • Powerful client-side metrics to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Real user behavior simulation
  • Testing of mobile applications and sites
  • Synthetic monitoring to gather valuable end-user performance insights 

With TruClient your team can emulate true user experience with valuable client-side metrics to ensure your applications will exceed customer expectations. The value users get from true client-side metrics, like Google’s Largest Contentful Paint, can propel you past your competitors. And these metrics are not integrated with any other solution on the market.

Users around the globe are experiencing the advantages of using TruClient.

“We used the TruClient feature for browser-based testing. It helped me a lot. I remember when COVID started, we started to test an Amazon chatbot for our employees and customers for questions and answers. Amazon is using pretty tricky encryption, and LoadRunner was perfect. It saved me a lot of time. It was the first tool that worked with that level of correlation, security, and encryption. It was perfect for me.”Helen Sague, Senior Performance Testing Specialist at Canadian Pacific Railway

Using TruClient is the best way to clearly emulate what users are doing and determine how any issues should be solved to improve and optimize their experience. Try it today and tell us what you think! We value customer feedback and incorporate many customer ideas into our releases.

We are constantly innovating and releasing new features in our performance engineering solutions at OpenText, and TruClient is no exception. Stay tuned for future releases.

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