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User Experience Enhancements and More in PPM 24.1

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PPM 24.1 has been released! OpenText Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) continues to deliver new features that enhance the user experience and build on roadmapping capabilities. Check out some of the new features available in PPM 24.1 that deliver an even better project and portfolio management experience.

Improved Demand Management User Experience
Improvements to demand management and the request page make it easier to organize and find information. Searchable dropdowns and autofill make searching and locating a value in the dropdown list much simpler. Users can now add custom tabs in Requests to help organize and find useful information, like features under the epic or associated risks of a proposal.


Categorize Requests using Tags
Tag fields can now be used instead of adding custom fields for each of the organizations using the same roadmap items to label and categorize roadmap items. Tagging makes it easy to view, organize, and find useful information and creates a cohesive roadmapping experience.

Expanded What-if Analysis Ranking and Prioritization
Project and product epic prioritization is one of the most important aspects of business/product planning, simultaneously, it can be one of the most challenging. Prioritization practices aren’t one-size-fits all for scenario planning, different scenarios may call for different prioritization methods. New custom fields available in scenarios support tailored prioritization ranking practices and the indicator chart can be configured to summarize specific columns in scenario to account for custom ranking and prioritization practices.

Enhanced Board View in Portfolios and Dashboards
Enhancements to the board view in portfolios and dashboards improve readability to easily identify actionable data. UI updates emphasize data on card without visual distractions, compress information shown on the card, fully display title for each card, and increase visibility without additional actions. Users can hide empty columns and swim lanes, improving information density by only displaying relevant information.

Increased Collaboration in Portfolio Operations and What-if Analysis
Online and off-line sharing increase collaboration in portfolio operations and what-if analysis. Share portfolio contents or what-if analysis scenarios via a link to easily collaborate on the specific instance or scenario. Leave screengrabs in the past, portfolio contents and what-if scenarios can be seamlessly shared, added to presentations or emails, or captured via the new option to export as a picture. Dashboards can also be exported to PowerPoint to easily share and present specific dashboards and portlets. 

We are excited about the new features and capabilities available in PPM 24.1! For a full list of what’s available in this release, including the 18 enhancement requests, check out What’s New in the PPM Help Center.


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