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Zebra Technologies accelerates their performance testing with LoadRunner Enterprise on cloud

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With complex and fast-moving businesses, having a smooth and easy tool for your performance testing is key. Zebra Technologies being one of those businesses, it is important that their global operations have a reliable solution to keep up.

This is why they put their trust in OpenTextTm LoadRunner Enterprise on cloud.

“We have experimented with JMeter and other tools like NeoLoad, but I think LoadRunner is something that has been consistent” - Gunjan Arya, Manager Information Systems, Zebra Technologies.

Zebra is a long-term LoadRunner customer and adopted LoadRunner Enterprise on cloud for its ease of use, efficiency, and the in-built analytics tools to drill down into their performance.

LoadRunner Enterprise on cloud has broad enterprise coverage and supports multiple protocols—to which Zebra has not found in other performance testing tools on the market. Arya says, “LoadRunner caters to multiple protocols which are not only web-based protocols like HTTP and HTML protocols, it can work equally well with Oracle and Siebel, Siebel Web, and several other legacy applications which the modern performance testing tools don’t support.”

“VuGen, which is the virtual user generator, what we use for scripting as part of LoadRunner, is very easy to use. It provides a lot of correlation functions for different applications and protocols, which kind of alleviates the need of doing manual coding.” Arya states. Zebra benefits from the use of VuGen in LoadRunner Enterprise because it has made scripting much easier and with a lot less manual coding. Sounds great, right?

Don't take our word for it—see what our customers are saying. To learn more about the business challenges faced by Zebra Technologies and the benefits they gained using LoadRunner Enterprise on cloud, watch the full customer video.

Take it one step further and check out the full case study for more details on Zebra’s journey with OpenText.


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