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ALM 12.55 Cannot add an attachment to a BPT manual run

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ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: CPE Incident created from Support incident SD02043866. In ALM 12.55 ⟨Patch 0⟩ I did following steps: 1⟩ Create a Bussines Component 2⟩ Create a Test with type "BUSINESS-PROCESS" 3⟩ Add the Component to this case 4⟩ Create a Testset 5⟩ Add the Testcase to it 6⟩ Manual-Run the testcase instance in the testset ⟨Run with manual runner⟩ 7a⟩ Try to add an attachment 7b⟩ Error message "Run step does not include any attachments" Please see the screenshot attached



ENVIRONMENT: ⟨Hardware, OS, OS Version, Browser, etc⟩ OS: Windows CPE Incident created from Support incident SD02043866.