Idea ID: 2762381

[BPT] Add list of unused parameters to "Remove Unused Parameters" tool

Status: New Idea

ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: NOTE: We did NOT find a module for parameters on BPT ⟨except autoparameterization⟩ Details Would it be possible to add a list indicating which parameters are unused to the Remove Unused Parameters tool in BPT Components? It currently just indicates how many are unused but does not indicate which ones they are. Scenario BPT component > Parameters tab in Properties. Such offers the "Remove unused parameters" button, but it does NOT show which parameters are actually being removed. Workaround Manual checkup. We currently note how many parameters the tool indicates, and look through our component automation to rule out what is used/unused. Unacceptable Its not unacceptable to use the tool as is, but it would be much more convenient to have a list of unused parameters handy, especially in complex scripted components that have many parameters

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Indicate which parameters are unused instead of just the amount of them. Would also be nice to be able to keep some parameters and delete some, instead of the current all or nothing. Suggestions: 1⟩ When using a dedicated button maybe, to list on Errors pane many ⟨as warnings, no errors⟩ with unused parameters. 2⟩ At "Remove unused parameters" button/dialog, to list to be displayed on popup dialog which is "about" to delete such unused parameters.

HOW-TO-REPRODUCE: Setup parameters, don't use some, use "Remove unused parameters" option, and notice it does NOT indicate which are about to be deleted.

ENVIRONMENT: ⟨Hardware, OS, OS Version, Browser, etc⟩ OS: Windows