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BPT parameters loses their extra spaces and carriage return after saved from UFT

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ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: Hi team, Customer is facing the same issue already reported in QCCR1J30080 (QCIM1J29841). According to QCCR1J30080, it was already fixed in ALM 11.0, 11.52 and 12.0, however it started to appear again in 12.53 version. According to QCIM1J29841 linked to the mentioned QCCR, the issue is because the TDExtendedAPI (..../Integration/TestingTool/TDExtendedAPI/App/TDExtendedApi/) is setting the input parameters in ALM when saved and normalizing the white spaces during the process. In that case, customer was given a temporary dll file (TDExtendedAPI.dll) to be applied in their QTP installation and that helped with the issue, however this will not work on UFT versions. Could we have a similar version to be applied in newer versions and also having this bug reported to 12.53 as well?

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Current format in the parameters should stay de same after saving the Component in UFT

HOW-TO-REPRODUCE: - Create a BPT - Create a parameter for that BPT and create a description of that parameter like in the below example: - Go to UFT - Open that BPT - Change one word of the parameter description or just open and save it - Then check the parameter description and it will erase the spaces

ENVIRONMENT: (Hardware, OS, OS Version, Browser, etc) OS: Windows ALM 12.53 UFT 12.53 (also tested with UFT 12.51) IS IT PATCH REGRESSION (IF YES,FROM WHICH PATCH)?:Y Issue was fixed in versions 11, 11.52 and 12.0 in QCCR1J30080