Idea ID: 2762379

Using BPT tests as test template

Status: New Idea

ACTUAL BEHAVIOR:  In ALM, the "Mark as template test" function for a BPT tests is disabled. I tried the same on a manual test and it was enabled. How can we use a BPT tests as a test template? The goal is to use that as a shared step in other test cases. Testers can then run this shared step automated.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Be able to set a BPT test as a template

HOW-TO-REPRODUCE: In ALM Test Plan, right click over a BPT, you can see the option "Mark as template test" is grayed out.

ENVIRONMENT: (Hardware, OS, OS Version, Browser, etc) ALM 12.01 patch 04 How frequently would you use this enhancement? Often. We would like to automate our shared steps, i.e. template tests in many places in our test suites.