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Synchronization is happening for newly created defects only between ALM/QC and Jira


We are trying to synchronize the data between ALM/QC and Jira.

Requirement: Only defects created in ALM/QC should be created as bugs in the Jira instance, and vice-versa should not be possible i.e Jira users should not be able to create defects in ALM/QC. But synchronization should be bidirectional ( for this I've made the sync direction between type mapping is unidirectional from master to target and for fields, i've given as bidirectional.

please let me know whether the above assumption is correct or not.

Now, the main issue facing right now is irrespective of the above sync direction between type mapping(unidirectional/bi-directional), only newly created defects are shown in the Jira, after updating the fields of the defects in Jira and ALM/QC are not getting synched.

Please help me where i'm going wrong.



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