Idea ID: 2874428

Enable direction independent links and all linked issues as Fields in Type Mapping of Jira-Issues

Status: Needs Clarification

Not quite sure if the idea is described clearly enough... for example, this seems to come with significant issues for bi-di sync vs. uni-.dir sync as well as regarding potential workflow implications...

See status update history

In Jira wie have many different link types.

In other applications, there is only one type of links, and only one field that can be selected in TypeMapping:

However, when defining a mapping on the Jira-side, these linked types can only be selected individually:

To avoid defining a separate mapping for each linktype twice (inbounds/outbounds), it should be possible in the Type mapping to select 

a) Linktypes (covering inbounds and outbounds links for one selected link type)

b) All linked issues (covering all normal link types - excluding subtask-links, epic-links, links to agile boards, links to versions) 

  • Good point. To precise this idea:

    The new mappings should only be available when Mapping from Jira.

    Using them in mappings to Jira or bidirectional should not be possible, as it will be unclear to MF Connect which relation to use when creating new relations in Jira. 

    But using any existing relation in Jira to create a link between elements in an MF-Application should be possible without sideeffects