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MF Connect: Mapping ADO Iteration Path to an Octane UDF

Status: Needs Clarification

Hi Tas.

As is, this is not an item suitable for Idea Exchange.
As is, it is unclear if the error message is received due to a missing feature, a bug or an insufficient connection configuration.
In general, an idea should describe a desired capability (like the title and first part of the description), but not error messages to be addressed (second part).

I would ask you to please create a support case and work with our support and CFRD teams to further analyze your issue before we continue (or not) with this idea.
If you already have done so, please let me know the case number.


See status update history

In MF Connect, I am able to map the Area Path in an ADO work item to an Octane udf. The udf is then used to map to the Octane entity Team field via rules.

It would be great if we can have a similar scenario where we can map the Iteration Path in an ADO work item to an Octane udf. The udf would then be used to map to the Octane entity Release and Sprint fields via rules. At the moment the Connect UI allows the mapping of Iteration Path to an Octane udf in a connection, but fails to run throwing the following connection message.  

The target field 'Iteration Path' on mapped type 'User Story' points to type 'Iteration', which is not a mapped type. Either include the type 'Iteration' or remove field 'Iteration Path' from the mapped type 'User Story'.
  • Hi Don,

    Thank you for your response. I have already raised a support case 02528246 and I was told to raise an idea. The second part of the idea was meant to add a bit of context, to show that the ADO Iteration Path is unable to be mapped to an Octane udf like the ADO Area Path can. I hope this clarifies the idea.