Idea ID: 2875939

MF Connect UI: Add to panel of PROJECTS, TYPES AND FIELDS... AUDIT a New Option SUMMARY

Status: Waiting for Votes

In the MF CONNECT UI add to the options of PROJECTS, TYPES AND FIELDS... AUDIT the new option SUMMARY

The information to display in the SUMMARY would be:

Grand Total Items/Issues sync'd since the very first iteration.

Total Items/Issues sync'd in each iteration.

Number of iterations, with and without changes.

Start and End times and duration of each iteration.

Number of errors, failures, faults for each iteration. << This item should be expandable to find the problem/cause.

Number or requests for information (reads), and number of updates (writes), for each end point in the CONNECTION.

Filtering of the above data should also be provided.

Pulling this data from the AUDIT is too time consuming or not possible.