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MFConnect: JQL query validator enhancement

Status: Needs Clarification

Hi Philippe.

MFC must not become unresponsive if a Jira JQL error occurs - please raise a support case for this so that our team can investigate.

As to the validation, the upcoming MF Connect 4.5 release will introduce the ability to "dry run" a connection for testing and validation purposes.
It is not quite exactly what you suggest here - but I would ask you to have a look when 4.5 becomes available to you and then update this idea here accordingly.

Best Regards,

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I would like to address the following enhancement for MFConnect tool:

Enhance a JQL syntax validator tool to insure that the query filter accessed is correctly formatted for the MFConnect parser. Indeed, some of the JQL query are correctly parsed in JIRA tool, while they can be an issue while MFConnect parses the JQL query from the JIRA project Dashboard in some cases.

When a JQL parsing error occurs in one of the connection, it impacts all the connection running on the MFConnect instance, looping in error. Then, MFConnect is no more accessible.

The JQL syntax validation could be done dynamically when starting the connection. In case of error the connection should not start.

Best regards,
Philippe POIRIER.