Idea ID: 2695759

Support synchronization of Comment field in Octane

Status: Delivered

Would like the ability to synchronize comments between Octane and Jira Stories and Defects.

Raquel Winkler
OpenText Community Manager
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  • Sorry meant to say 4.3 does have support for Comment sync.

  • I see sync of Comments is not supported in 4.3 however it seems since Octane does not support Images, if the other system (at least in my case Azure DevOps) as an image in the Discussion then the sync to the Octane Comment field fails...

    It would be good if somehow it sync'd the text and either somehow noted image not supported or created an attachment automatically (I think ALM Synchronize does that).

    Either way I have a Discussion in Azure DevOps trying to sync to Octane and due to a image being part of the Azure DevOps Discussion...the sync fails on the Comment.

    com.connect.api.exceptions.BCException: Unable to execute comment creation:null
    at com.connect.octane.OctaneFacade.postComment(
    at com.connect.octane.OctaneCommentSyncItem.update(
    at com.connect.server.sync.wrappers.WrappedSyncItem.update(
    at com.connect.server.sync.SyncSet.addItem(
    at com.connect.server.sync.SyncSet.addCorrespondingSourceItem(
    at com.connect.server.sync.analyze.analyzers.AddAnalyzer.createSourceItem(
    at com.connect.server.sync.analyze.analyzers.AddAnalyzer.lambda$createSourceItems$437(
    at java.util.ArrayList.forEach(
    at com.connect.server.sync.analyze.analyzers.AddAnalyzer.createSourceItems(
    at com.connect.server.sync.analyze.analyzers.AddAnalyzer.processPossibleAdds(
    at com.connect.server.sync.analyze.analyzers.AddAnalyzer.processAdds(

  • Connect 4.3 will have it, and it is scheduled for release in the April/May 2020 timeframe

  • What is disappointing is I believe the old ALM Synchronize does support this.

    We are facing the same issue with Connect and Azure DevOps cloud from on premise TFS.  So to support our move we need to change to Connect but it does not support Comments either for ALM/Octane to Azure DevOps.  I was told as well Connect 4.3 will have it but we are looking at June I am told...What happened to the Agile development and releases?