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how to submit a RESTFUL API to kick of an application process to deploy?


I am trying to integrate with SDA with SBM using the restful api. I had import the WADL file into my soapui try to figure out the JSON request to kick of an Application Process to deployment configured targeted environments

This is one of the URI that might meet the purpose. But, I am unable to determine the correct JSON format for this request. Can someone please share some insight on this or provide a link/pointer to a reference? Thank you.


If the above URL is not the correct one, can someone please provide the current URI?

I also tried this one.


Thank you very much.
  • Hi John,

    One way of approaching this would be to use a browser plugin to capture the details of an application process request initiated in the SDA web UI e.g. Firebug

    In the example below, a SDA REST put call (to request an application process deployment) is part of a synchronous orchestration, executed as an post-transition action

    URL is built up in a calculate step

    CONCAT("">hostname:8080/.../", EventNoticeWithReply.Extension.SDAApplicationID,"/runProcess")

    The SDAApplicationID (and other SDA UIDs such as environment, component, snapshot, process etc) retrieved via a REST grid widget earlier in the SBM workflow.

    The PUT step to call the application process request

    All fields blank apart from-

    restUrl - a working data symbol containing the above URL string
    sendAsJSON - True
    authorizationType - SBMTOKEN (you could use basic auth instead)
    returnJSONTypeHints - false
    bodyXML - pointing to the following working data structure e.g. BodyXMLOut (private complex)

    BodyXMLOut (private complex)
    JsonDoc (private complex)
    _vonlyChanged (text) (default value) false
    _vsapplicationProcessId (text) (source element pointing to orchestrationname\EventNoticeWithReply\Extension\SDAAppProcessID)
    _vssnapshotID (text) (source element pointing to orchestrationname\EventNoticeWithReply\Extension\SDASnapshotID)
    _vbscheduleCheckBox (boolean) (default value) false
    _vsdescription (text) (default value) Automated Deployment via SBM
    _voproperties (private complex)
    abc1 (text) (default value) abc
    _vaversions (private complex)
    abc2 (text) (default value) abc
    _vsapplicationId (text) (source element pointing to orchestrationname\EventNoticeWithReply\Extension\SDAApplicationID)
    _vsenvironmentId (text) (source element pointing to orchestrationname\EventNoticeWithReply\Extension\SDAEnvironmentID)

    This was used with SBM 10.1.x and SRA 5.1.x but should be mostly relevant.
  • Thank you!.. your tip on using Firebug is very helpful. I was able to capture the JSON request format.