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Can SDA perform analysis of the test results and then trigger a deployment build on TeamCity automatically?


Is it possible with Serena Deployment Automation when automated tests are executed in DevOps pipeline, the test results are analysed (without human intervention) and based on the results (ex: 100% tests passed) a deployment build is triggered on TeamCity automatically ?

This feature is required for Continuous Deployment.

  • SDA has a whole range of plugins, which integrate with various build and test systems.

    If a plugin is not available then it is possible to create a custom plugin, or if the build or test system is commandline callable, then simply use a shell step and call the commandline from within the component process.
  • DA has a built in scanner for the output of any process step(s). Based upon the presence or absence of specific words or phrases (such as Error, Failure, etc.) DA can branch to trigger a build or call many other paths or processes.

    Short answer to your question is Yes, DA can do that.