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Setting component version properties from the Jenkins Plugin

I'm using the SDA plugin for Jenkins to publish build artifacts to SDA,
We use GitHub Enterprise as our source control system which kicks off the Jenkins job when developers commit code. I'd like to be able to associate the version of a component with the developer who committed the code which caused the build and the Git commit.

Can this be done from the plugin. I know you can pass properties into the Application process, but I need the property at the version level of the component.

Has anyone done this? Is it supported?

I've attached a screen shot from the documentation for the plugin which shows a "Version Properties" text area which doesn't display in the plugin.
  • Hi Richard,
    I've had a quick look at this and I cannot see a way to do it.
    The ideal scenario would be if the plugin allowed you to pass version parameters.
    Next best, would be if you could pass the build user as an application process property and then use a component process plugin step to update the component version properties.
    Updating a value for a component version property via the UI calls e.g. ">hostname:8080/.../components