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DA DB useful queries

Hello ,

I wonder if anybody has already developed some useful SQL queries against DA Database, in order to have a better idea of the configuration in place.

(As not everything is available with da-client commands).

For example: I have to define a new component and all its related environment properties , along with their environments properties values by environment; I just know that for the component I will use a given deploy-process.

Before to ask Application people all the necessary properties values for each environment, I would like to know the properties set (for example machine, port, smtp, cli script, kind of deploy)

As every deploy process has its own logic which act upon its set of component-environment properties, I would like to have such list of environment properties for the users to provide related values

I would like have it without manually looking into each single step of the process(/es) for each ${environment/<propertyName>} used. I find this method quite error prone (and tiring as well)? 

Does anybody have some some useful queries to share, or rather a schema info in order to achieve the goal?

In case I miss something out-of-the box which does the trick as well, please do let me know.

More in general, in case anybody has some useful SQL queries concerning DA DB , I would appreciate any example available.

Thank you very much!

Francesco Grossi