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How to have script logic at beginning and end of an Application Process

Hello everybody.

I wonder if somebody has already faced and solved my requirement..

In a given application deployment process I have 3 component to be deployed

The are destined to same application server (for a given enviroment).

Now when the deployment is carried out manually they put Application Server (AS) down , copy the 3 artifacts, and bring AS up, at the end of the manual process

So, at the end of the day, they shutdown and start the AS only once, no matter what is the number of components deployed.

Now we have been asked to do the same, with the Application Process,

stop AS

install cmp1

install cmp2

install cmp3

start AS

So far, I didn't find anything suitable to my need here (I mean: something like a shell step available in the Application Process, at start and end of the application Process)

Has anybody any suggestion ?

Thank you very much for helping!


  • By thinking ove and over I thought of the following

    • break down any stop+deploy+start component process in three separated processes (each component has STOP, DEPLOY,STAR processes)
    • make stop and start process a smart one, do STOP/START when necessary: STOP: Application Server is UP? Then bring it down; START: Application Server is DOWN? then bring it UP; if the server state is already the one requested then do nothing.
    • build the Application process with all STOP processes, for every component, at the beginning, all deployment processes in the middle, and all START processes at the end of the Application Process.

    Thus, no matter what are/is the components versions to deploy, only one AS stop and one AS start should happen.

    In case somebody has a better solution , I would be happy to know.

    Thank you


  • Your suggestion seems best.  It will work if only one component is being updated, or if all three are being updated.  It is what I usually do when I am writing processes.