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Need method of cleaning component versions that works well with Release Control

Status: New Idea

For those of us that utilize  Deployment Automation (DA) with  Release Control (RC) and perhaps even with Dimensions CM (aka  Release Vault), we need a different auto-clean utility in SDA.

In our process, we create a request in RC and, depending on our process, this may trigger a build and the creation of new artifacts and a baseline in Dimensions CM. The baseline is named with the first part of the baseline name being the request ID from RC. Using automatic import, this baseline is imported into a component in DA.  This component may have hundreds of component versions -- basically all work done within the same Dimensions product will end up in the same DA component. However, the first portion of the baseline name easily identifies which request this baseline belongs with. As the artifacts are deployed to DEV, then into TEST environments, problems may be found which cause code changes, new builds and new baselines -- all against the same request. Finally, the artifact is ready for deployment to production.  At this point in time, we'd like to purge away all or most of the previous baselines that were part of this request.  Unfortunately, DA will not let us manually delete them because they were once deployed.  We also cannot have them auto-cleaned because our version choices there are based only upon number of versions or number of days.  In times when we may have a handful of requests in the air against the same component, this will not do. We would like a bit more flexibility added to the auto-clean (or the manual cleanup).  We'd like to be able to remove all but the last 1, 2, or 3 of the versions against a given RC request. It seems this may be desirable for anyone using RC in conjunction with DA.    


  • Starting from DA 6.2 (which is the oldest supported version now) there is an option to keep all artifacts in Dimensions. Basically DA will create a version by copying only meta-information for this version, all files will stay in Dimensions. Would it be critical for the customer to clean-up such versions anyway?

    DA is designed to keep track of all deployments and provide full traceability.  DA can't easily remove the versions as requested in this case. The reason is the version was deployed on TEST environment and we can't remove currently deployed version on TEST environment, because it is used in environment inventory. Once the new version is deployed on TEST environment and inventory is updated, old version should be eligible for clean-up.