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Pass application property value from RESTful web service

Status: New Idea

I have been using SBM orchestration workflow to call RESTful API by DA for a couple of months. I would like to pass a field value of from SBM ticket to DA application property. After consulting to support team, I have been told there is no such mechanism so far. Therefore, I would like to ask if this enhancement is possible.


The reason why I need it is because I made a component process associated with that application needing to run a shell with an argument. The value of the argument is provided by a field value from SBM ticket. Perhaps there may be another component process within the same application also need the same value from SBM ticket. As the result, I would like the property to be defined in the application and that would be great if application property value can be pass from the outside world.




  • Thanks for your compliments. If the request can be considered, it will be appreciated.

  • I believe you cannot accomplish this now with a simple property passed from application into multiple components.  Good idea/request

  • I do know how to use component property and pass values from RESTful API. Actually, that is how I pass acquired value from SBM to work with DA so far. What I want to say is if there are two component processes required the same value from SBM, I have to define the same component property for each process at this moment. If the property can be defined in application level and pass the value from SBM, there will be no need to define the same property in each component process. Don’t you think that is the better way?

  • When you create your component process, after saving the process, you are looking at a detalis page and the lower half lists properties for the component process.  Add your property name.  In your process yiou should also reference the property name.  Set the value to be prompt and required.  It will show up when you run your application.
    Now, when using it from a REST call you need to add a JSON structure that ncludes the property name.  I recommend going through the web GUI, filling stuff out, before you submit it to run, hit F12 developer options in your browser.  You will be able to see the URL, the JSON data, etc. to see the format.  If you have further help, please reply again.

  • I did create property of application process. However, it seems invisible in a component process, but application property do. The only problem for application property is its value cannot be pass from outside. That is why I propose this request.