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Set the limit on the number of DA processes running at the same time.

Status: New Idea

The customer is using DA 6.3.2 and wants to limit the number of processes running at once to 3, regardless of the application process or component process in DA.

The customer states that:

DA has a total of 100 applications.
I want to have a total of 100 applications running concurrently and only 3 processes running concurrently at the same time.
Is it okay to do it? Are there any ways, such as changing the information of in the ".mircofocus" folder or the agent executable file in the agent installation folder?
For reference, there are also more than 20 component processes. Please tell me how to limit the maximum concurrent running processes in DA.
For reference, I know that Jenkins can limit the maximum number of running Job processes.

Unfortunately, DA currently does not provide any functionality to meet the requirement.

It would be great to deploy this feature in DA. Thank you!