Idea ID: 2694946

Tool or Wizard to assist in deletion of DA Objects

Status: Declined

Request for some tool or wizard to assist with deletion of DA objects such as applications, components, etc.. 

For example, if I wish to delete an application and I click delete, the tool might popup and ask if I wish to remove the relationships between the app and the component and similarly remove the relationship with the environment and once everything is unrelated, proceed with removing the application.  This seems preferable to the scramble that we must go through now, finding all of the relationship and usages that block deleteion and then finally being able to delete the application. Would also like to actually be able to delete an applicaiton and not merely inactivate it. 

If this is impossible, could we at least document the reason why deletion cannot be allowed?  We have many folks that work with this tool and have one or more false starts along with several learning exercises.  By the time an instance is actually online and being used it is filled with a few dozen remaining artifacts from pre-production that would best be removed so we can start with a clean-ish environment.


  • All application, component, version and process history is retained in Deployment Automation. This is the ensure full audit and accurate compliance - for example if a malicious actor were to gain access to the system and perform deployments to production environments, that same user could delete any history of the deployment.