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Serena Changeman Dimension 9.1 to GIT Migration

How to migrate the data's from Serena Changeman Dimension 9.1 to GIT.
  • Can anyone from Serena support team to answer my question?

    Is possible migrating data from Serena Changeman Dimension 9.1 to GIT ??

    Is available Git CM connector for Serena Changeman Dimension 9.1 ??

    Holding 20 years of data in this older version ( Serena Changeman Dimension 9.1 ) now I want to migrate it into GIT or any other latest source control system.
  • 1) Identify "What" you want to migrate...
    a) All Versions/Baselines/Types/Comments/History etc etc
    b) All Item-Item relationships?
    c) All Change/Problem/Release/Bugs etc - History/Comments etc etc

    Or possibly "just" Production-ised Item Revisions (Items @ final lifecycle state? or possibly Items contained in Baselines that have been deployed to Production?)

    Once you know exactly what you want to migrate............... then we can set about solving that (rather than the rather open ended query)

    As examples......
    20 years of Development will almost certainly have an awful lot of Item revisions that never made it past (early stage) testing.... Do you really want to keep them?
    Plus (if you are using full Dimensions functionality) records of bug fix cycles/change cycles etc from 20 years ago might not be worth migration.
    Most (if not all) of your technology from 20years ago could well be totally "un-usable" now.....
    Obviously Dimensions 9 (while not 20 years old) isn't really compatible with current Dimensions - Any triggers/interfaces etc set up then probably wouldn't "directly" work now.... So it'd be the same for lots of your other stuff....
    20 years ago it could be coded for Windows 98 (even 95) - not even XP...... and I doubt any of it would even run....

    Obviously the GIT part is irrelevant until you know what is worth migrating....
  • Hi Drewster,

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    i want to migrate all the Items (files) only with revision history with comments.

  • Hello Rajesh

    I responded to you privately, please respond.
  • Hi Paul,

    We are looking for the approch to migrate the data (Items) from Serena 9.1 to any open source version tools like SVN or GIT.

    Can anyone from Diemensions support team help us or reply us. Looking forward to hear from you!

    Cell: 91-9176228238

    Thanks in Advance!!!




  • Hi Paul,

    Can you please update on my request.



  • Hi Paul,

    Do you have any update on my questions?


  • Hello CRS,

    To answer for Paul and on behalf of Micro Focus we do not have such a utility. We release utilities to migrate into Dimensions CM but not the other way round.

    Best regards, 


  • I'd also like to add that in the latest Dimensions CM releases users can access Dimensions repository via Git clients. So that's very helpful for users who used to Git, but main repository is in Dimensions.

    Alex Shevchenko
    Sr Development Manager
    Although I work for OpenText, I am speaking for myself and not for OpenText.
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