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Dimensions Upgrade to 14.6 APLS config


So I've hit a snag when attempting to follow the Microfocus guide for configuring Dimensions CM to use the APLS software.  Following this guide, the second sub-step under Step 5 doesn't appear achievable since there are no active user licenses to log into Dimensions with to add the APLS admin user.

To assign named licenses automatically:

  1. On a licensed Dimensions CM server, edit the dm.cfg configuration file to add this variable:

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  2. As the Dimensions CM administrator, register the DM_LICENSE_USER password in the dmpasswd utility:

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    dmpasswd DM_LICENSE_USER –add

To assign named licenses manually in the APLS web interface, see the AutoPass License Server help.

When attempting to use dmpasswd utility the login prompt shows up then disappears upon login attempt.  Honestly, the documentation to make the switch to APLS software is not too descriptive and I'm kind of at my wit's end with trying to get this to work.  Can someone provide a simple guide to assign a license manually for Dimensions CM in APLS? Or even better, if someone else has made this switch from SLM to APLS, can you please provide a simple step-by-step to get this working?

Thank you

Grant Stevens

  • Hi Grant. 

    Is APLS installed on the same box as the Dimensions CM server? That does make things much simpler if it is.

    When APLS is installed it always creates the user 'admin'. When you first log in to APLS web page it will ask you to set the password, it's that password you can then add with dmpassed.

    I'm not sure why dmpasswd isn't working for you, it doesn't give any login prompt. It is run like this:

    C:\> dmpasswd DM_LICENSE_USER -add
    Enter password:
    Re-enter password:
    User DM_LICENSE_USER added


    That step isn't necessary to connect, only for automatically adding named users which can otherwise be done through the APLS UI. It is also not necessary if you have concurrent licenses rather than named.

  • Thank you Richard. But don't we need an active account to be able to access the dmcli?  With no user licenses assigned, how am I supposed to authenticate to add the APLS user to Dimensions with dmpasswd utility?



  • Grant, no. The dmpasswd is a stand alone command that is not run through dmcli and therefore doesn't need any connection. It must be run on the CM server and writes to the dfs\registry.dat file

  • D'oh, my mistake was trying to use the dmcli, worked with cmd.  Sometimes it takes someone not pointing out what your wrong to actually see what your doing wrong.

  • Let me know how you get on and if you need any more help 

  • Thank you Richard!  Once I add the admin user, should I be able to log in to Dimensions admin console with that Admin user?

  • That admin user is specific to APLS. You won't be able to login to Dimensions CM as that user. 

    I would recommend restarting the Dimensions CM listener to make sure it picks up the new password you've registered. The registry.dat file is read when the listener is first started.

    You should then be able to connect to Dimensions CM as the standard admin user you specified during install normally dmsys (or any user you've used with CM before) as long as you've added a valid license to APLS. 

  • Thank you.  For some weird reason, I've never been able to authenticate to Dimensions CM using the dmsys account.  I use it to create new projects, but that's the only place the auth works.  Perhaps this is due to our using AD for auth?  Note, I inherited this thing a few years back, and my main admin responsibilities lie with Splunk, so I've not dug too deeply into the inner guts of Dimensions. 

    Attempting to login using my AD account returns this error:

  • I mentioned earlier, is APLS installed on the same server as Dimensions CM? If it is you can avoid the need to install a valid certificate by using the following in the server dm.cfg file:

    DM_LICENSE https://localhost:5814/autopass

    Rather than using the 'real' hostname as that would require a valid certificate to have been installed. As with any change to dm.cfg you will need to restart the Dimensions CM listener. 

  • Okay, yes, I had the hostname being used for that setting.  Updated, restart of DM listener, attempted login using my personal admin account:

    Log In Failure: Client named user identifier is invalid for named feature '101450:1' checkout request. Could not connect to database hudtest@dmtest. Please check DB name and DB connection, and that the remote listener is running.

    Backtrack for a sec to the dmsys account, in order to log in to Dimensions with that account, is there a setting in the dm.cfg that would allow for me to login with that as a local account while also maintaining LDAP auth?