Dimensions CM error version too long on item, can't fix in Dimensions? v14.3

Dimensions CM v14.3. I get error message on an item, version too long; can no longer do anything with this item, can't delete or revise.

has anyone seen  this before and how to change the version in the DB to a shorter name?

Executed commands:
Failed to execute the command:
PCM0005163E Error: Revision in CAREMARK:A34.A-CONTENT; is too long

Command execution failed.

  • Hi.

    I'm not sure how it has got to this situation but I think the only solution will be renaming the revisions in the item_catalogue and item_revision_history tables to be under 120 characters. Support can talk you through the steps needed. 

  • Thanks, I think we had this situation a few years back; finally found some notes on it, which we tested and works. Unfortunately Support was no help at all, even though this is a straight forward DB change needed for the revision ID. They wanted logs and such, wasting days and even a week.

    The big question is:

    Why does Dimensions let you create a too long revision ID, it should stop and give a warning message that the next revision will be too long???????

  • I'm sorry to hear support were not able to help. Please do feed that back when you complete the case closure survey. 

    I fully agree you should not be able to get into this situation in the first place and the fact you did indicates a defect in the code. We need to understand the exact scenario where this is possible, I suspect it's down to a combination of factors, from the error likely that's selecting to use VM delta revision syntax ('Use standard level numbering scheme for revisioning' on the item type page) and continually forcing a new branch, so the revision gets longer and longer.