ALERT: Legacy knowledgebase and will be down from Sept 14 to about Sept 19

As part of our efforts to merge the Serena/Micro Focus systems with OpenText, we are moving the servers which host the legacy knowledgebase and the legacy websites to a new data center. The servers will be shut down on Sept 14 to start the move. They should be back up by Sept 19. 

There are still several options for getting technical help during this outage:

  • New KMS Search: For the last year, all new KB articles have been created in our new KB system. During the outage, these newer articles will still be available from the support portal, no login needed. This portal will return articles from the new KB system as well as the legacy system (once it is back up). If you are not already using this portal for searching, now might be a good time to switch.  knowledgeBaseSearch (
  • The website was used for many years to hold PDF copies of the Dimensions CM documentation. All documentation from CM 14.5.1 onwards is now hosted on or can be accessed from
  • Community: You can always ask questions here, just like you do today. There may even be an uptick in activity because the other systems will be down.
  • Support Portal: The support team can always be reached directly by opening a support ticket from the portal (login required).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.