How to unhide the navigation panel (my current project, product catalog, ...)


A user managed to somehow "unhide" the navigation bar on the left side (my current project, product catalog, ...)

Pressing F2 does not lead to any change.

Reloading a standard .ini file (created with reg2ini) via ini2reg also does not get back the navigation bar.

There is the down arrow where I could select floating/docking/Auto Hide and Hide - maybe the hide was used. 

How can I make the navigation bar visible again?

Dimensions CM 14.5.3 is used.

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  • Hi Richard,

    No, the View->My Current Project does not change the view.

    We tried a bit and it seems that some registry keys \PC Client\Workspace\Pane-*\IsFloating are set to 1 instead of 0 and maybe the floating window is somewhere outside the screen. But changing the value to 0 does not help, dimensions is setting it at the next start back to 1. 

    Then we will try to remove the complete \PC Client\ tree of keys to reset everything.